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Tent rental & event management

Do you need a party tent for your birthday or garden party, a marquee with sophisticated equipment for your company event, a wedding or a tent for storage purposes?

As a reliable partner for tent rental and event management, we offer a wide range of options.
We rent you a party or marquee tailored to your needs with all the services around – of course not only in Grafenwöhr or Weiden, but also beyond the Upper Palatinate.

Biersack tent rental & event management from Grafenwöhr has several tents in different sizes as well as numerous tent equipment such as marquee sets, wooden floors, lighting, tent decorations, stages, toilet vehicles and tent heating.

We have already contributed to the success of many events in Weiden, Neustadt a.d. WN, Altenstadt, Kemnath, Bayreuth, Vilseck, Amberg, Hütten, Kaltenbrunn, Wiesau, Tischenreuth, Weiherhammer, Mantel, Eschenbach, Pressath …

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Tent rental

for rent now at affordable rates:

Partyzelt Zeltverleih & Eventmanagement Biersack

Party tent

Wide / Length
5 m / 6 m
5 m / 8 m
5 m / 10 m

Fischerfest Bühnenüberdachung Zeltverleih & Eventmanagement Biersack

Stage roof

Wide / Length
5 m / 10 m
10 m / 10 m

Festzelt Biergarnituren Zeltverleih & Eventmanagement Biersack


Wide / Length
10 m / 40 m

Technical data marquee

  • Support height 2.30 m, ridge height 4.30 m
  • Planning with PVC-coated polyester fabric
  • hardly inflammable according to DIN 4102 / B1
  • Scaffolding aluminum profile, Ger. Statics according to DIN 4112 and test book
  • Tent can be opened all around
  • Anchoring with pegs
  • Fastening with ballast possible
  • Roof tarpaulins and gable tarpaulins made of PVC opaque white (opaque)

Small calculation

Test size qm Number of people (approx.) *
10 x 5 m 50 approx. 90 people
10 x 10 m 100 approx. 180 people
10 x 15 m 150 approx. 270 people
10 x 20 m 200 approx. 360 people
10 x 25 m 250 approx. 450 people
10 x 30 m 300 approx. 540 people
10 x 35 m 350 approx. 630 people
10 x 40 m 400 approx. 720 people


* Approximate number of people with seating with beer table sets (10 people per set)

The event tent

The right tent for your event in Grafenwöhr

Eventzelt Grafenwöhr Zeltverleih & Eventmanagement Biersack

Marquee for celebrations of all kinds

The event tent is already set up and can be rented for your events at any time. So all you have to do is celebrate and we’ll take care of the rest. Kitchen, bar, cooling unit, toilet etc. are all integrated. The fully equipped marquee is located in Grafenwöhr in the “Am Flugplatz” industrial park.

The tent is 10 wide and 20 m long and has a sturdy wooden floor. An extension tent including doors is connected, which can be used as an entrance or a catering area.
Depending on the seating, the tent offers space for up to 250 people.
There are plenty of parking spaces around the tent. To ensure the exclusivity of your event, the tent is completely fenced in.

In addition to the perfect equipment, we also offer the right catering for your event. Alternatively, you can just rent the tent and hire other catering companies.

More info? Just ask us.

Event equipment

Benefit from our experience in tent rental and event management.

  • Refrigerated trailers
  • Folding tables and benches
  • Party accessories
  • Heating
  • Toilet trolleys / toilet trailers
  • and many more

In addition to the tent, you need equipment such as refrigerated trailers, toilet trailers, lighting, seating, counters, etc. for your event?

We can help you here too. Just talk to us about it or send us a non-binding inquiry.

Toilettenwagen Verleih Zeltverleih & Eventmanagement Biersack

From now on you can also book a toilet trailer for your event with us!


We are happy to help.


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